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          降膜蒸发器 EXCELLENT PROJECT

          降膜蒸发器  EXCELLENT PROJECT












          Performance Characteristics:

          1. Steam heating uniformity, has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time.

          2. It can use waste heat as heat source, reducing steam consumption.

          3. The distribution device distribute the material evenly in the heating pipe of the evaporator, material will flow as membranous from top to bottom under the gravity, vacuum of induction and action of airflow, during exercise it will haveheat exchange with the heating steam on the external surface of the heating tube of evaporate.

          4. The evaporation process in vacuum environment, the evaporation temperature is relatively low, the evaporator is not easy to scale.

          5. Suitable for foaming material evaporation and concentration, the liquid in the heating pipe is evaporated inform of the membrane in evaporator, that will be the formation of vapor-liquid separation, at the same time in the bottom most of liquid is pumped away, only a little feed liquid mix with secondary steam enter into the separator enhanced separation, in the whole process did not form too high impact, which will avoid to form bubble.

          6. For fruit juice or milk evaporation concentration, this equipment can have the functions of sterilization, material preheat at first, and then enter the sterilizer, can reach 90-125

          degrees, maintain 30-60 seconds, in effect body, the material is quickly flash evaporated, temperature decline transiently.

          7. Equipment can be equipped with CIP cleaning system, realize the cleaning in place, complete sets of equipment is convenient for operation, no dead angle.

          8. Available to equip with a steam jet pump, reduce the steam consumption, save operation cost.

          9. Equipment can continuous feeding and discharging.

          10. The equipment can be deviced automatic control system, with the completely configuration, operation, monitoring and control function, system consists of communication interface, alarm, report printing, control parts, feed quantity automatic control, automatic control of heating temperature, outlet concentration automatic control, automatic control of the cleaning.





          Scope Of Application:

          Applicable to the food,pharmaceutical,chemical,biological,environmental protection,waste recycling and other sectors of the low-temperature continuous evaporation and concentration,this evaporator has characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency,short heating time of materials etc,so especially suitable for heat-sensitive,foaming material etc.




          Equipment Composition:

          The evaporator,separator,condenser,heat pressure pump,vacuum pump,product liquid pump,condensate pump,operating platform,instrument and valve pipeline system etc.