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          降膜蒸发器  EXCELLENT PROJECT
          上海本优机械有限公司供应降膜蒸发器相关产品设备。Beyond supplies falling film evaporator related products and equipment.
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          分体式全自动CIP系统 Split type full-auto CIP cleaning system
          ?全自动CIP清洗时指设备(罐体、管道、泵、阀门等)及整个生产线在无需人工拆开的前提下,在闭合的回路中进行循环清洗。 The operating principle of the full auto CIP cleaning system means that the tank body,pipelines,pumps and all valves and also the whole processing line are cleaned on line no need to disconnect the pipes or the equipments,all cleanings are
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          巴氏、酸奶、亚超高温杀菌机三合一杀菌机 Plate pasteurizer/yogurt pasteurizer...
          本机主要针对综合性工厂,能够适应产品多样化的需求,实现一机多用途。可用于果汁茶饮料、乳饮料或类似产品进行连续杀灭菌。可连接分离机、均质机、闪蒸脱气等设备。 Mainly applied in comprehensive factories which produce multiform products;Widely applicable in production of pasteurized milk,yogurt,beverage,juice,tea etc.It can be connected with separator,homgenizer and flash degasser
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          大型室外奶仓 Large Out Door Storage Tank
          上海本优机械大型室外奶仓,适用于大型奶站或乳品厂贮存冷却的鲜乳,也可以供其它食品、制药厂贮存液体物料。Applicable for large milk collection centre,or for milk outdoor storage at large milk production plant。
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          分体式半自动CIP系统Split type semi-auto CIP cleaning system
          本优机械分体式半自动CIP系统清洗液的加热为自动加热方式,通过温度控制仪设定清洗温度,控制蒸汽调节阀的开启量来限制蒸汽的量从而使清洗液维持在所需的温度;The heating way for the cleaning liquid is auto-heating.The operating principle:set the cleaning temperaturethrough the temperature controller to control the steam control valve's opening frequency to limit the steam amount
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          板式巴氏杀菌 Plate pasteurizer
          本设备适用于鲜奶、果汁饮料、酒类等热敏性液体的加热、杀菌、保温和冷却等工艺要求。本设备具有热回收高,节能降耗,结构紧凑,操作简单,维护方便等特点。 This unit can be connect with separator,homogenizer,flash evaporator°asser ect.this unit is used as Pasteurizer(widely used in fresh milk,milk beverage,juice,tea,alcohol,ice cream ect.),and also pre-sterilize material when
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          单层储罐  Single-layer storage tank
          单层储罐主要适用于乳品、果汁饮料、啤酒酿造和化工、生物工程等各类液态物料的暂存、搅拌混合等。Most applicable for storage and mixing of all kinds of liquid products in dairy products,juice,beer and brew,chemistry,and biology engineering;
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          小型联体式CIP系统 Small conjunct type CIP cleaning system
          本系统可单独进行酸洗、碱洗、热水冲洗等工序,也可根据需要编制特定的清洗程序进行全自动的清洗;不仅能有效的将设备清洗赶紧,而且还能控制微生物生长;同时可根据客户要求配置半自动和全自动控制系统。The system can perform the acid cleaning,alkali cleaning and hot water cleaning separately.And also the system can draw up the special full-auto cleaning program according to the request.It can not only al
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          酸奶专用杀菌系统 Yogurt pasteurizer
          专为酸奶生产而设计的热处理设备,采用5℃→65℃(均质)→90~95℃(300S)→43℃的杀菌工艺。This machine is specially designed for yogurt production,the technical parameters are as following:inlet at5℃→65℃(homogenizer)→sterilize at 90-95℃(hold for 300S)→outlet at 43℃.This system adopts 90-95
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          萃取罐 Extracting tank
          萃取罐主要用来萃取各类茶、中草药。 This extracting tank is used to extract tea from the tea leaves,or make medicine from herbal medicine.
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          双层保温罐 Dual-layer storage tank series
          主要适用于乳品、果汁饮料、啤酒酿造和化工、生物工程等各类液态物料需要保温时的储藏、搅拌混合等。Most applicable for storage and mixing of all kinds of liquid products when need insulation in dairy products,juice,beer and brew,chemistry,and biology engineering;
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          板式亚超高温杀菌机  Plate HTST pasteurizer
          本机杀菌温度介于巴氏和超高温之间,工艺参数为5℃→65℃(均质)→120℃(15S)→25℃5℃。可用于牛奶、花色奶、葡萄酒、豆奶、乳饮料或类似产品进行连续杀灭菌。可连接分离机、均质机、闪蒸脱气等设备。 This HTST stands between the pasteurizer and the UHT,the production procedures are as following:5℃→65℃(homogenization)→120℃(15S)→25℃/5C.can be used for continuous sterilization of milk,flavored mil
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          夹套罐 Jacket tank
          罐体夹套根据客户要求配置米勒板、空心夹套或者盘管夹套,可对物料进行加热或冷却;独特的介质导流设计使得冷却或加热介质在夹套内的分布更均匀,避免短路,从而达高效的传热效果。 Application The cooling jacket can be dimple pad or empty or coiled pipes as to clients'requirement,which can heat orcool the product inside;Special design of flow path ensures the cooling or heating medium distrib
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          无菌板式超高温杀菌机(UHT)Aseptic plate sterilizer(UHT)
          该系统采用超高温处理方法,使液体乳制品、茶饮料、果汁达到严格的灭菌,进而转入无菌包装,其杀菌温度为137℃,温度保持时间为3-5S,从而尽可能的保持饮料、乳品的原有营养色泽及风味。 This UHT system adopts ultra high heat treatment to sterilize the liquid dairy products,tea drink and juice for the aseptic filling production;the sterilize temperature is 137℃ holding for 3-5S,by this proced
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          菌种培养罐和发酵罐  Ferment growing tank and fermentation tank
          在乳品行业中可用作各种调配罐、配料罐、酸奶发酵罐。 Use of fermentation tank:for mixing of all kinds of materials in dairy industry.
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          无菌列管式超高温杀菌机(UHT)Aseptic tubular UHT sterilizer
          可用于果汁、茶饮料、乳饮料或类似产品进行连续杀灭菌。可连接均质机、脱气等设备。 Mainly used for aseptic filling packing types products,such as Tetra paper brick,Tetra paper Pillow,aseptic soft plastic bag,aseptic PET bottles,especially used for liquid milk and juice.
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          顶部剪切乳化罐  Top shearing emulsification tank
          高剪切乳化罐是目前国内乳品、饮料、食品等行业最先进的混合设备。本优公司生产的高剪切混合乳化机引进了国外先进技术,具有独特的搅拌结构,与众不同的混合乳化功能。 High speed shearing emulsification tank,one of the most advanced blenders in China presently,is widely used in milk,drink and food etc.
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          板式换热器 Plate heat exchanger
          板式换热器广泛应用于治金、石油、化工、食品、制药、船舶、纺织、造纸等行业,是加热、冷却、热回收、快速灭菌等用途的优良设备。 Plate-Type Heat Exchanger which is used inmetallurgy,petroleum,chemical,food,pharmacy,watercraft,textile,paper making areas.It's a good option for heating,cooling,heat recovery or rapid sterilization.
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          底部剪切乳化罐  Bottom shearing emulsification tank
          本设备适用于糖类、奶粉类、淀粉乳化稳定剂类以及胶体类等物料。 This equipment is widely used for mixing sugar,milk powder,starch,stability reagent in emulsion and colloids.
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          连续喷淋式杀菌冷却隧道  Continuously spraying type pasteurization ...
          广泛应用于各种瓶装、罐装酸性乳品、果汁饮料、电解质饮料、酒类、调味品等产品的杀菌冷却。 This tunnel type pasteurization and cooling machine is widely used to second time sterilize and cool the bottle,type of acidic milk,juice,beverage,beer,and flavor etc.
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